WeightWatchers Broiled Scallops – 5 points


weight watchers broiled scallops recipe

This scallop dish seems very sophisticated, but is in fact very easy to prepare. And really tasty too!

Weight Watchers Broiled Scallops recipe
Makes 2 servings (10 scallops)

10 scallops
1 tablespoon unsalted butter or margarine
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 dash garlic powder
1 dash onion powder
1 dash paprika

1. Put the scallops onto a container for the broiler.
2. Add butter/margarine and olive oil.
3. Sprinkle spices onto the scallops.
4. Place a few inches away from broiler fire.
5. Broil for 12 minutes.
6. Turn the scallops over and broil for another 4 minutes.
7. Serve as an appetizer or as part of a main course.

WW POINTS per serving: 5
Nutritional information per serving: 178 calories, 13.1g fat, 0.1g fiber

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