How many Weight Watchers points are you allowed to eat?


In the Weight Watchers Flex program, how many points you are allowed each day depends on your weight.

Less than 150 pounds = 18-25 Points
150 to 174 pounds = 20-27 Points
175 to 199 pounds = 22-29 Points
200 to 224 pounds = 24-31 Points
225 to 250 pounds = 26-33 Points
Over 250 pounds = 28-35 Points

The number of points you are allowed may be increased with exercise.

If you want to calculate activity points, use the following steps:

1. Determine your maximum heart rate:
Maximum Heart Rate = 220 – Age

2. Calculate activity levels:
Light is about 40-54% Maximum Heart Rate.
Moderate is 55-69% Maximum Heart Rate.
Heavy is equal to or greater than 70% Maximum Heart Rate

3. Calculate activity points:
Light Activity Points = Weight x Minutes x .000232
Moderate Activity Points = Weight x Minutes x .000327
Heavy Activity Points = Weight x Minutes x .0008077

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